--Bottom PU brush

Brush the PU binder on the cerement grounds with brush roll.

--Elastic layer

Firstly, mixing PU binder with black rubber granules with the ratio, 
Secondly, before bottom pu dry, paving the mixed granules on the grounds with noted thickness.

--Impermeable layer

Mixing the two parts pu binder with the ratio, added catalyst or thinner according to the actual temperature and humidity. During the paving, added some quartz sand into the two part pu binder.

--Slip resistant surface layer

There are two kinds installation of slip resistant surface. 
First, after finished paving 2mm thickness of two part pu binder on elastic layer, cast epdm granules or pu granules on the grounds by hand. After the pu binder dry, clean the extra granules, and spraying pu binder on the top surface.Second, mixing epdm granules with spraying pu binder, spray them on the elastic layer with spray machine.

Cebu Sports Center

Cebu Sports Center is one of the projects we cooperated with the Government of the Philippines. 

Nanjing Institute of Physical Education Stadium

Nanjing Institute stadium is the early project of ours, which is installed in 2001 year. The running track is made from black sbr bottom layer and red EPDM top layer, with more than 10years usage.

Jiangxi Fuzhou Sports Center

Jiangxi Fuzhou sports center is one of our early projects, which was installed in 2006 year.