Prefabricated plastic runway: good adhesion, convenient installation, maintenance free

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  Prefabricated plastic runway, according to the meaning of understanding the literal is the pre in the factory has the overall manufacturing development of coil rubber material is complete, it is completely non-toxic and tasteless raw materials made of rubber. Products in the design process give full consideration to the biomechanics of athletes: the internal structure of three-dimensional network to make the runway with excellent elasticity, strength, toughness and damping effect, effectively reduce the muscle fatigue of athletes and micro damage; molding products by a bump map case, two layer compound and into, the upper for color composite rubber, with long resist ultraviolet and changeable climate, meteorological conditions affect the performance and design on the surface layer of the concave convex pattern, with excellent anti-skid, anti spikes, anti-wear, anti reflective effect. Lower black elastic composite materials, for the whole runway provides enough flexibility requirements, the design of the underlying is concave and convex shapes, maximum increase track material and the surface of the adhesive.

  Main ingredients: natural rubber, synthetic rubber and environmental protection
Product structure: the surface of the high density anti aging wear layer of the bottom layer of the microporous foam layer and the bottom layer of the surface layer by the raw material one-time production molding
Product features:
1, the anti slip surface of the product is made of prefabricated press molding process, it is very wear-resistant and no particles off the phenomenon.
2, the product surface layer by the high water glue formula and add high wear-resistant materials formula, to ensure that the product has strong tensile strength and good resistance sting, wear-resistant performance.
3, the elastic layer of the product inside the microporous foam, which can fully guarantee the product has a good elasticity, even if the product in the outdoor use 10 years later, its flexibility can achieve the desired effect.
4, the product uses the environmental protection of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and environment-friendly type red (green) color inorganic pigments to ensure product environmental protection, fast, resistant to aging and color properties.
5, products with preformed mode of production, to ensure that the products of uniform thickness, uniform elasticity, the indicators are more than the IAAF.