Application of Colored EPDM rubber Granules for kindergarten

Date:2016-01-29  【Font Size:Big Middle Small
Various EPDM rubber Granules can be used with common binders, pigments, catalysts, anti aging agent, ultraviolet absorbent. After mixed and pressed, it can be rubber tiles with beautiful color, free of moisture, shock and static. Also, it has strong and stable shape, easy to clean.

EPDM rubber granule is widely used in the kindergarten, children activities places and various entertainment ground, School of single parallel bars, combined sports ground equipment. Jiangsu Xing Ao suggest that in order to ensure the Colored EPDM rubber granules can be used reasonably, people need to wash with water and keep clean, avoiding violent mechanical impact and friction to avoid cutting, puncturing to avoid long-term load, the fire and isolated heat source, in order to give children a good environment.