Introduction of EPDM characters

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EPDM granules are safe and beautiful, used for kinds safety rubber floors. EPDM granules are made from compound rubber, with various colors. EPDM granules could resist hard uv sunshine and chemical damage. EPDM granules are good choice for kids playgrounds, especially for designed colored area installation.


  Chemical stability

  EPDM granules could be used for kinds of difficult weather condition, with chemical stability, ozone aging and thermal oxidative aging character.

  Good elastic
  EPDM granules could keep the good elastic even under the condition of low temperature.
  Good cohession
  With many times of experiments and testing, our epdm granules could be mixed with pu binder totally with good cohession.
  Vivid colors
  All pigment materials which used for our epdm granules are imported from famous company, colors of epdm granules could keep long time, with strong grey scale and uv stability.