EPDM Polyurethane Binder For Surface

Polyurethane Binder for Surface

Product Name:Polyurethane Binder for surface
Type: FLMJ-01
Appearance: Transparent, inclusion-free
Material: one-component MDI glue
Environmental protection:  non-toxic, without excitant odour
Guarantee period: One year sealing
Range of application: Running track, kindergarten, amusement park, courts etc

Feature of Product

Weather resistance, durability, strong cohesive force
Good elasticity and toughness

Technical index

Compare of the binder for surface and for bottom

Product certification


1. Before brush the base floor, should clean the dust and water of cement floor,keep surface clean and dry.
2. Ratio of granules and binder
  Binder: black rubber granules=1:7 ( weight ratio)
  Binder: EPDM granules=1:5 (weight ratio)


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