EPDM According To Site Classification

Basketball courts

Color expression: bright, colorful, main color is red,green,blue
Serviceable cycle : 5 years
Product performance:  All-weather fit, balanced elasticity; convenient installation; warranty more than 8 years; abrasion resistance


Features of EPDM basketball courts
1. EPDM rubber granule can be designed in many patterns; can make up for the disadvantage of rubber tiles.
2. EPDM granules are made from EPDM rubber, colorful, anti-UV and free of fading
3.  no seams, and beautiful
4. Good damping performance, safe and comfortable.Test shows,  it can increase the speed of movement and protect the joint of athletes
5. Environmental protection: Non-toxic and tasteless; Do not breed planus and not easy to breed bacteria 
6. The thickness of EPDM basketball courts is 5-8mm. It has a hydrophobic performance and can keep a dry surface throughout the year.
7. Maintenance is simple. Using water and ordinary cleaner can remove the dirt.

1. Repairing the foundation
Fill and level cracks or uneven areas on foundation
2.Marking the construction area 
Mark the Dividing line of the area and the separation line on it .
3. Installation of EPDM surface
Brush the binder on the base floor, put the mixed granules on it, and then make the surface flat.
4. Drawing line
When EPDM surface is finished, keep it dry. Then draw the white line according the standard size.

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