Analysis of the reasons for the cracking of plastic track

Date:2016-01-29  【Font Size:Big Middle Small
In the plastic runway you can do a lot of sports, you can run, practise Tai Chi Chuan, yoga, and dance what and when there is no wind can play badminton, going for a walk in the evening is very satisfactory. But occasionally we will find the problem, that is, the plastic runway cracking, which is what causes it?

There are two reason for the crack of running track: 

1. Surface glue cracking
2. Base floor cracking
   The reason of base floor cracking is as follows:
(1) No more frozen layer of earth depth, causing the prime soil frost heaving, and caused uneven settlement.
(2) Depth across the frozen layer of earth, but the large aggregates containing soil, aggregate and cause frost.
(3) Aggregate crushing strength is not enough, caused by natural sedimentation.

(4) the uneven thickness of cement stabilized layer, coupled with MAO gap phenomenon, moisture absorption, cause the frost heave, uneven subsidence.